May 3, 2012

My Trip to Italy: 4 Cities

You should be so proud of me - I unpacked my entire suitcase yesterday, within one day of returning from my trip! {Sometimes this takes me weeks.  It's bad, I know!}

My trip to Italy was so fantastic, and I've almost recovered from the long trip home {getting back to Dominica often takes a couple of days, so on my return trip I had to overnight in Puerto Rico}. I'm excited about sharing bits and pieces from my trip over the next couple of weeks! 

During the ten days that I was in Italy with my family, we were lucky enough to visit four different cities:

Each spot was so beautiful and unique in its own way.  I can't wait to share my photos and tell you all about what we did in each city!  

I would also like to thank my wonderful blog friends for sharing some awesome guest posts while I was away.  In case you missed them... 

Emily gave us some helpful tips for planning a trip
Katie showed us some fun photos from a past trip to Rome.
Bobbi gaves us a glimpse of one of her favorite places in Australia.

Thanks again, ladies!  

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