Apr 20, 2012

Trip Planning Tips

Hi Clare fans! I'm Emily, the girl behind Emmy June {born in May}. I'm so happy to be with you today, talking about a topic I love.... traveling! My husband & I got married in Costa Rica. Six months later we traveled around Europe. And nine months after that, we landed in Sydney, Australia.

So yeah, I love traveling. However, I don't always love trip planning. Why? 

1) I'm a tight wad.  And traveling means spending money.  Spending money means I'm going to be hooked to the computer for twelve hours straight scouting out the best deal. 

2) It can be overwhelming!  Sometimes I feel like there's so much research to do & so many logistics to sort out... I just don't know where to start.

If you're anything like me, here are some tips that can help with trip planning: 

1) Plan well in advance.  Figure out the framework of your trip--pick your dates, country & region(s), and vibe of your trip.  You can fill in the details later. 

2) Book something so you're firmly committed.  Whether it's your flights or a few nights in a hotel, put some money down and let your employer know you're absolutely going.  Oftentimes, people hem & haw and never end up traveling anywhere.  Don't be a travel commit-aphobe! 

3) Pay for it a little at a time.  This is my biggest secret to successful trip planning!  Pay as you go, booking something every month or two {hotels, flights, tours.}  The goal is to have everything paid in advance, at least 60 days before your trip.  When you board the plane, all the money you bring should be for food & entertainment!  This will keep you stress free & focused on enjoying your trip :) 

I hope you find these travel tips useful! I'm in the midst of booking our next big adventure, so I use these tips all the time. Thanks for listening & come say hello.

Be sure to check out Emily's wonderful blog, Emmy June {Born in May} to read all about her adventures in Australia and for more fun travel posts!  Emily also hosts a great series on her blog called Tuesday Travel Diaries that's lots of fun to read each week.  Also, did you know that she surfs?  How cool is that?!?  Thanks again, Emily! 

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