Apr 23, 2012

Backpacking Essentials

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be holding the fort down here on C Squared W today! To be completely honest, I have a little travel envy. Clare's trip seems like so much fun and when she asked me to do a travel related post I was honored and excited. I have done a good deal of traveling for school, my job and for fun. Time to time, I like to share my experiences backpacking through different parts of the world on my blog, and so today I thought I'd do the same here.

Today I'm going to share my five essentials for a backpacking trip. I don't mean a small carry on tote, but a full on backpack adventure! I may come off as someone who is high maintenance, but most people don't know that I often crave a bit of adventure. I've had some great experiences and a lot of stories, but I'll share those some other time. 

First, liquid bandages are a must! I can't stress this enough. When you're constantly walking you are prone to blisters. Even places like Europe, you're prone to infections, so apply this solution to heal, treat and sanitize any wound. 

Second. Ever stay in a beautiful hostel? My favorite hostels are in Spain owned by the Oasis Backpackers. They have them in different cities of Spain and Portugal. Though they are clean, the whole sleeping on a mattress with youthful backpackers rolling through kind of stresses me out. My solution are silk sleep sheets. They are thin and weightless and fit the purpose! 

Third. Most people like to take some kind of electronic device with them to communicate with friends and family back home. This is something I like to do also. My parents would throw a fit if I didn't. Instead of taking a laptop, I usually opt to take a tablet. Obviously, the best would be the iPad. You can get wifi at almost any local cafe these days, so easy to store photos, document your trip and connect with people back home! 

Fourth. My backpack gained the most weight from bottles of liquid [body wash, shampoo and conditioner]. I would have to sacrifice some important things [like shoes!] just to fit all three and meet weight requirements. I was told, from an Australian friend I met in Granada, that Olive Oil soap is the best for backpackers. So I tried it, and it's true. I take a bar of pure olive oil soap and I can use it on my body, hair and clothes!

Finally, when you're taking day trips without your life-of-a-backpack with you, carry a day bag. It can range from a backpack or a small tote. Be sure, however to hold onto all your important documents [passport!] and valuables [camera, laptops, etc.]! 

Just a tip for you newcomers to the backpacking world, make sure your backpack is 12kg [about 26 pounds] or less for the most comfort and to prevent injury. If you're interested in reading more about my travel experiences, visit my blog to read about camping in the dessert, a recipe from Syria, and my top travel essentials for everyone! 

Well, there you have it. My five essentials for the thrill-seeking backpackers! Thanks Clare for having me over, and thank you all for stopping by. I hope to see you soon and perhaps you can come visit me over at chevrons & éclairs!

Make sure you check out Supal's beautiful blog, Chevrons & Éclairs for more fun posts, inspiration, and some delicious recipes.  She also has some gorgeous party ideas and is the mastermind behind Art to Inspiration.  Basically, Supal does it all, and she does it all really well! 

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