Bonjour! I'm Clare. I love to travel, read, write, and explore the outdoors. I'm a foodie and I love to cook. I'm also a teacher and an artist, but mostly an adventurer!

I'm married to Charlie, my best friend and college sweetheart.  We were dubbed "C Squared" by Charlie's grandmother, Meemaw.  Here, we're C Squared W, in Meemaw's honor! 

We're Southerners (born and raised in Virginia {Clare} and Kentucky {Charlie}, and attended college in Tennessee {where we met}) currently living in the Caribbean on the nature isle of Dominica {Dom-in-eeka}, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic.  Charlie attends med school down here, and we're loving living abroad and embracing the daily adventures we encounter here.

We like use this blog, C Squared W, to share photos and stories about our adventures, island life, and anything that strikes our fancy.  Thanks for reading our blog! 

Want to know more? Read this.

Charlie & Clare, aka C Squared W

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