Apr 11, 2013

Job hunting & creating

This week, I'm laying low and hunkering down on my job search here in Chicago.  I've updated my resume, searched, and started filling out applications and writing cover letters.  I'm looking for something that's either creative, non-profit, or in the education field, but am pretty open to doing anything that what would be a good fit for me.  In the meantime I'm getting creative and trying to supplement our income with some freelance art and writing projects.

I'm loving the inspiring words on my current desktop wallpaper and am hoping that this simple nudge of encouragement to "make it happen" will help keep me motivated.  

Any job hunting advice for me?  Or better yet, a job?  All advice and encouragement is welcomed! 

Images by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W

Desktop wallpaper from breanna rose

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