Apr 6, 2013

My painting + Joy's Salon Wall

What a fun treat to check out Frock Files this week and find a beautiful salon-style gallery wall (and awesome tutorial) that included one of my paintings (top left).

What a striking room and wall - it all looks gorgeous! I love that most of the pieces that Joy hung have a special significance - pieces from friends from different walks of like, or collected on trips to favorite and sentimental places.  

For me, the art that we hang and collect is much the same way - it all has a story, and is tied to a place or memory.  I'll have to share an "art walk" around our apartment sometime to show you some of our favorite pieces and the stories that go with them. 

Do you have a gallery wall?  I've always wanted one, and have a random assortment of photos and small paintings that we haven't been able to find the perfect homes for.  They are currently living in boxes and waiting for frames... but I think that at some point, a gallery wall is in their future! 

Photo by Joy Uyeno - 
Frock Files

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