Apr 12, 2013

Perfect little plants

As you may already know, we love Trader Joe's around here.  One of my favorite treats to buy at TJ's (besides anything covered in chocolate) is fresh flowers (I'm currently loving their tulips and  eucalyptus!).  I was so excited to discover these pretty, potted succulents at Trader Joe's last weekend.  I picked up three of them to sit in the windowsill in our home office.  

We've been wanting to add a few plants to our new apartment, but have been intimidated and indecisive about what to get, where to put them, and how to care for them.  These succulents are perfect, because they're low maintainance, but still have lots of personality (just the way we like it).  

I'm not sure what I like better, the funky plants or their fun, geometric pots! 

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Images by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W.

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