Aug 29, 2012


Transition mode.  I feel like it's the story of our life!  We have one and a half weeks left in beautiful Dominica and how am I spending them?  Sorting through our possessions and selling and donating our clothing and household items.  It is exhausting. 

 Luckily, reading The Happiness Project and Lauren's Conquering Your Closet post has given me a little in inspiration.  I'm also finding that splurging and blasting the AC for three hours straight (#onlyinDominica) and jamming out to my Nicki Minaj Pandora station (thank you Tunnel Bear!) are helping move the process along.  And, with a new shipment of real milk fresh on the shelves at the grocery store along with another splurge, real Oreos (most definitely overpriced), (another #onlyinDominca moment), I've been enjoying a treat or two (or fifteen) as I pack. 

It's strange condensing two years of your life into 1 suitcase and carry on... crazy business! 

✽     ✽      

On a different note, my cute, elderly landlady (LL) just stopped by the apartment as I was typing and here's how that interaction went -

LL: (outside our door, in a loud voice) "Good afternoon... Hello? Good afternoon?"

So I open the door and say hello and good afternoon.

LL: "You have signal by you?"

Me: "Ummm.... What?"

LL: "Signal.  You have signal?" 

Me: "Signal?"  

LL:  "Yes.  Signal.  Television signal."

Ohhhhh, is the cable working.  Too funny.  #onlyinDominica

Images by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W.

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