Aug 26, 2012

A Weekend Challenge

I realize it's Sunday, not Saturday, but I do things on my own time.

Great things about 2 blog friends:
Lately, Lauren from Seventeenth & Irving has been really inspring to me!  I loved this helpful and honest post that she wrote about conquering your closet.  

Along the same lines, I'm currently reading The Happiness Project which Joy and M.J. both raved about.  I'm excited about conquering my closet and clutter, and applying helpful, practical pieces of advice to my daily life that will make me and other around me a little bit happier.  Today, K.C. and I tweeted about working on our own Happiness Projects.  Hopefully we can make them happen and can hold each other accountable! 
Do something nice for a stranger.
Today I'm going to go onto Tripadvisor and airbnb and write positive review of hotels and apartments I've stayed in and loved over the past year:

I should have done this a while ago because all of these places were really, really wonderful! 
One of my best qualities:
Probably my eternal optimism.  I always tend to look on the bright side, and Katie recently told me that I "love to give pep talks." I hadn't realized that I did that, but I guess I do. Need a pep talk? Apparently, I'm your girl!  
I'm thankful for...
My health, my family, and the chance to travel. Seriously, I am so lucky and so thankful for all of these things!

The highlight of my week: 
Traveling to Guyana with Charlie to visit my sister!

Last Sunday in Guayna, I visited the most incredible waterfall that I have ever laid eyes on: Kaiteur Falls.  It was seriously so unreal!  Kaieteur Falls is 741 feet tall and is the largest single drop waterfall in the world.  Kaieteur Falls is about three times higher than the Niagara Falls and about two times the height of the Victoria Falls in Africa.  Impressive, no?!?

{golden frog}

We also saw a tiny Golden Frog (the size of a fingernail!), which only lives in the bromeliads by Kaieteur.  Isn't that crazy?  The Golden Frog doesn't live anywhere else in the world.  So, so cool!

Also, in case you were wondering...

Thanks to Paige for creating this fun link-up.  I've been in a blogging funk lately - I haven't felt like sitting down and writing, and have been much more excited about getting out and doing things.  So thanks for giving me a few prompts to help me put together this post!

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

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