Aug 30, 2012

Guyana, wild + beautiful

Guyana.  It was beautiful and crazy place.  Parts were beautiful, parts were calm.  Other parts were loud and junky.  Some areas felt like busy, buzzing cities.  Others were remote and so incredibly peaceful.  There were horses pulling carts, donkeys in the roads, and crazy looking public transportation in vehicles called Tapirs, like the animals.  (The Tapirs, automotive and four legged deserve their own post!)  

There was also the most interesting mixture of cultures - Caribbean, African, East Indian, Amer-Indian... This made for some great food.  Typical fare was very much like the Caribbean food we have here in Dominica or in the Bahamas, but with more Indian spices. A local meal we ate included "cook up" (a Caribbean style pigeon pea and rice dish, much like Bahamian peas and rice - sort of like a Caribbean version of fried rice, minus the egg?) - curried chicken, and daal.  

Frannie's village, #56, was a small Indian Village.  Her old wooden house had some really cool features like an outdoor cooking area, lots of outdoor living space, and 2 hammocks.  Her wood and tile shower reminded me of the bathrooms we had in our cabins at Camp Merrie-Woode... shower nostalgia!

We spent one afternoon walking way out to the rice fields behind her house.  We trekked through mud, kept our eyes peeled for caimans and scorpions, and kept a herd of wandering goats from charging her Guyanese puppy, Papaya.  (Isn't that the best dog name?!?)  It was close to sunset and the lighting and sky were absolutely stunning.  Frannie captured the above shot of Charlie and I which I love.  (Since we eloped, we never had any of the picturesque wedding or engagement photos taken, so I was really excited about this amazing photograph!)

More photos to come! 

Image by Frannie Parkinson for C Squared W.

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