Jun 29, 2012

Thank You Notes

Growing up in the South, it was always important to write thank you notes after Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions.  My thirtieth birthday is no exception, so here goes... 

Dear Besties who happen to be ridiculously awesome cake masters,
Thank you for the amazing, chocolate, big-headed ant cake. It was so weird and so delicious. I am pretty sure it takes the cake (hardy har har) for my best birthday cake of all time.

To my sweet Doctor in Training, 
Thank you for taking me out for a fun evening and for the creative gifts from the Chinese Store. I'm glad you ripped the plastic bows off of my new, red, jelly shoes; they are so much cuter without them.

Lovely Island Friends,
Thanks for spending my birthday with me. We had some fantastic adventures. Y'all are the best!

Dear Chen of Chen's Tattoos and Haircut,
Thanks for the free henna tattoo on my birthday, that was so nice of you! Also, your baby is really cute.

To Tomato's and Tulip's,
Thank you for the free birthday drinks and pizza {Tomato's}; and for putting on the Nicki Minaj DVD at my request, even when a basketball game is on {Tulip's}.

Dear Bruno,
I'm sure you already know this, but you are our favorite driver. Thanks for letting us drink mimosas and mix drinks n your bus. Also, you are the best because you blast the air con for us and you let my friends transform your van into da party bus for my birthday.

Dear Owl Buddies,
Thanks for making cameos for my birthday all weekend long. Love ya!

To friends and family near and far,
Thanks for all the birthday love! Y'all seriously made my day!

Washi Tape:
Southern Stumble
Photos courtesy of Kristen Morgans.
Other photos by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W.

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