Jun 30, 2012

Getting Crafty with Artsy Anthropology

Remember last week when I posted my favorite things about life in Dominica over on Artsy Anthropology?  Well, today I'm lucky enough to have Paige here sharing a fun tutorial!

Hey there C Squared W readers, my name is Paige and I have a little blog called Artsy Anthropology - on which I have fantastic people like Clare guest post, or where I share recipes, tutorials, shop coupons and other such things.

This tutorial is for fun craft storage - the squishy top mason jar with a chalkboard label...

  • Mason Jar (for larger label, get one without writing)
  • Chalkboard paint, paint brush
  • Masking/painter's tape
  • Fabric (about 10 sq. inches)
  • Stuffing (I took apart an old pillow...)
  • Hot glue gun and scissors

(You will need to do about 3 layers... for prepping the paint, read the directions for your particular paint)

You need a large circle about 2 times larger than the pop-out section of your jar's lid
You also need a small circle just smaller than the pop-out section

You need to glue the large piece almost all the way around (see below) and then stuff in the stuffing... then finish gluing.

Then you glue the smaller piece on to finish up...

Stuff the pop-off part back into the jar lid and that part is finished!

Then fill your jar, label it with the contents and be happy with your next project... Clearly I have a few of these... in which I store: glue sticks, "Bitty Bow" pieces, buttons, bobby-pins and feathers.

Hope you all have fun trying this at home! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Thanks so much, Paige, for sharing this fun tutorial.  I can't wait to try this out myself!

Be sure to check out Paige over at Artsy Anthropology.  You can also visit her cute Etsy shop and find her on Twitter

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