Jun 2, 2012

Jazz Fest

Yay, the weekend is here! Today I am off for a fun adventure, canyoning, with Charlie and some of our island friends.  We're pretty excited!  The weekends have been fun lately, and last weekend was no exception.

Before I tell you all about last weekend, I'd like to thank Whitney for featuring me on her blog yesterday.  Whitney is so sweet and I love her gorgeous blog!

Last Sunday, Charlie and I spent the afternoon with friends at Dominica's Jazz Fest.  Held outdoors at Cabrits National Park, we enjoyed live jazz music from a handful of bands in addition to some delicious local food and drinks.

* In Dominica, never leave home without bug spray or those mosquitoes will eat you up!

It was such a fun afternoon, and reminded us all of summer back in the States, enjoying an outdoor concert and a cold beer with friends.

Also, Charlie didn't really drink Magnum Tonic Wine, (doesn't that sound scary?!!), although he did trick me for a few minutes and tell me that that's what he was enjoying.  Those were just the cups that were used for all of the drinks.

Here is what we actually did eat and drink, in addition to a peek at the local menu:

The fish was absolutely delicious and the beer was nice and cold.  A Ginger Shandy is always a treat (it's like a barely alcoholic ginger ale), it's so refreshing!  It was a perfect afternoon.

Cheers to jazz and Sunday fun days!

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