Jun 5, 2012

Blog Café

Recently, a few of my blogger friends here in Dominica got together for a little blog café.  It was a fun morning: we enjoyed coffee, made a breakfast treat, talked blogs, did a little blogging, and just hung out.  

All of these friends are also excellent cooks and bakers in the kitchen, so it was especially fun when Chris taught us how to make mulasadas, a favorite donut-y breakfast treat that he and his family enjoyed when he was growing up in Hawaii.  Mulasadas, fresh fruit and delcious coffee? Yes, please!

Rachael has worked in kitchens and was a pastry chef for a while, so she and Chris talked technique and figured out how to fry up the mulasadas to perfection.  Crystal, also a wizard in the kitchen, is an awesome photographer, so she documented our morning with some gorgeous pics, in addition to lending a hand making the yummy treats.  Katie shared her knowledge about blogging and design with the group.  And I did the dishes, because I'm so domestic.  It was a great morning, spent with creative and interesting friends.  Thanks so much, Chris, for having us!

If you are interested in the delicious treats that are malasadas, check out the malasada recipe on Chris's blog.  Crystal also posted a great step-by-step photo tutorial for the Malasadas on her blog!    

Fonts used:
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Arrow Brushes from Creature Comforts

Photo by Crystal Durrant

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