Jun 6, 2012

Island Jams

To really understand and experience Dominica, you need to hear some of the music that is played constantly on the island.  These songs will forever be the soundtrack of our time here; these are songs we hear on bus rides, at restaurants and bars, and just blaring from passing cars.  {These are also songs that my sister, Frannie, hears often in Guyana. We have fun comparing notes on Caribbean music!}  Here are a few good ones - the first two are my personal favorites!

I Love My Life - This is one of my all-time favorites and is actually a really great song that I will continue to enjoy, even once we're off the island. 

Let's Do It Again - I love this one, too, and whenever I have a song stuck in my head, it's usually this one.  {The bikini still shot below makes it look ridiculous, but I actually really do like this one, so give it a chance!}

Cheaters Prayer - This is one of the most popular songs on the island at the moment, and it's hard to go anywhere without hearing it.  There is also a "boyfriend version" with a girl singing the song.  {Just ignore the horrible message.}

Unconditional Love - An island classic that was especially popular when we first moved here, as Jah Cure had just performed at Dominica's National Creole Music Festival.  My friend, Mary, was lucky enough to meet him at the festival, and was invited to go back to Jah Cure's hotel room.  {She politely declined!}

Summertime - This one is pretty catchy and you will probably find yourself nodding your head along with the music.  The video is absolutely ridiculous. 

Red Bull and Rum - This is the song that I can hear local bars or passing cars blasting quite often.  I had fun joking with a Red Bull distributor in a passing Red Bull truck recently about this song.  When Let's Do It Again isn't stuck in my head, this one usually is.  Good times.  

A few other popular artists here in Dominica are LMFAO, Rhianna, and Nicki Minaj, and songs by these artists, in addition to the ones above, are always blaring.  Luckily, I can't get enough of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.  The older generation of Dominicans absolutely loves Kenny Rogers, especially romantic songs like We've Got Tonight, and that makes me laugh. 

I recently interviewed an older Dominica woman {for an article I was writing for the school newsletter} and she told me that one of her favorite pastimes was "listen to Oldie Goldies and sentimental love songs."  I died, she was just so sweet! 

My friend, Crystal, did a post about her favorite Dominican tunes just the other day, as well, so if you ears are hungry for more, check it out! 

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  1. Ah!!! Reading this just brightened my day! While I wanted to smash every speaker in Dominica while I was there, listening now makes me feel homesick. Weird, huh?


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