May 31, 2012

Internet & Starfish

Hello, friends!

Sorry I have been a stranger this week, but we've been sans internet at our apartment for a week now, and it is starting to get to me.  Oh, Dominica.

Oh, Dominica is one of my favorite expressions to say down here, mainly to describe those frustrating experiences that are a small price to pay for living this adventurous island life.  It's similar to only in Dominica which refers to those extremely bizarre moments that can be explained in no other way.  My other favorite thing to say down here is white people, said in a Dominican accent, appropriately used when a Dominican (or three) is staring at you with bewilderment over something you're doing that they think is ridiculous.  (Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but these are just funny things I like to say!)

While I'm at it, only in Dominica is rain an excuse for your internet not working, even when it hasn't rained for five days... Oh well.  White people and their internet, right?

Anyways, here's what we've been up to this week:

Monday was a Dominican holiday, Whit Monday, which most Dominicans will you tell is just a "beach day." So we lived it up and spent the afternoon at the beach.

We ran into these two little friends from InLightIn on the beach and took them to lunch. Cokes, french fries, and chicken wings? They were such happy campers.  After lunch they joined Charlie and I for a "sea bath" (a swim!).  They swam in their underwear (as most boys in the Bahamas and Dominica do) and had a blast jumping off of Charlie's shoulders and standing on his submerged back like it was a surfboard.

While swimming, we spotted a student from CALLS on the beach who joined us for a swim. He found an impressive starfish in the sea that we all admired.  The boys loved playing with it and checking it out.

Charlie has been down at the hospital several days this week and has gotten to have some great experiences working with the doctors down in Roseau.  He's performed exams on patients, conducted interviews, given shots, written prescriptions, and removed stitches.  Not bad for his first two weeks!

I've also been teaching at CALLS, checking my email at Katie's apartment, hitting up the gym in the evenings, and gearing up for InLightIn tomorrow.  I also gave in and started reading 50 Shades and have been flying through it.

How's your week going?

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Photos by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W

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