May 25, 2012

Island Life

It's hard to believe that in nearly two months, we'll be packing up to move back to the States and saying goodbye to island life.  As of August, we will have officially lived in the Caribbean for two years.  Crazy, huh?  New friends, did you know that we lived in the Bahamas for four months prior to our twenty month stint in Dominica?  

I recently updated the Island Life section of the blog and added this fun map showing our island homes.  I also included some of my favorite/most informative Dominica posts, just in case you are wondering where in the world we live or are interested in learning more about life in Dominica.  Here's a small snippet of some of those favorites, just to get you started:

I also just imported my blog posts from the blog I kept while we were in the Bahamas and had a good laugh revisiting some of my favorite old posts, like this one, titled Where does the devil live?, that describes a typical, hilarious day spent volunteering in a Grade 1 classroom at the local primary school.  Aren't these little friends precious?  I miss them!

Good times in the islands!

Oh my - living down in Dominica, I am really out of the loop... and I just realized that it's Memorial Day Weekend back in America.  Enjoy the long weekend and have so much fun! 

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