May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Charlie,  Today you are taking the biggest test in your medical school career, thus far (the Comp!), and you are going to knock 'em dead! You have studied so hard, plus you have your extra #2 pencils and scratch paper, so what more could you need?  I am so proud of you!  P.S. - Finish up soon so we can celebrate with a beach day and some cheap, local beer!

Dear Comp,  You don't scare us.  (Okay, I may be lying.)  Medical school stresses us out like crazy (even me, and I'm not even a student), but you can't get the best of us.  I get my husband back today at noon and am excited that you will be out of our lives, you big, bad, scary test, you.

Dear Dominica,  I love you and all, but could you cool it with the rain flies for a little while?  I am getting tired of sweeping the flies (dead and alive... and the wings they've shed) off of the porch (in the rain) before the ants start swarming them.  Seriously, it's gross.  Also, could it not rain all weekend?  We want to enjoy the weekend post-Comp.  Thanks a million!

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