May 17, 2012

Flaunting my Causes

Today I'm excited to participate in Flaunt Your Cause and share with you two wonderful organizations that I spend my time with in Dominica.

Here on the island I keep myself really busy and as a former teacher, I love working with local youth in a couple of different capacities.  

InLightIn is an after school program for local preschool and elementary schoolers here in Dominica.  Every Friday, we meet the kids in the park for an afternoon of games, craft projects, and an afternoon snack.  I love just hanging out with the kids, hearing about their day at school, and playing soccer, Uno, and dominoes (such a popular game here!), or coloring while listening to their stories.  

We bring mac and cheese, baked goods, and juice for the kids to enjoy each week.  For some of the kids who attend InLightIn, this may be the only meal they have all day, so this is an especially important part of the program.  We also help the families of our InLightIn kids by buying and delivering groceries for them when needed.  I have been working with InLightIn and our kids for 17 months now, and feel so lucky to know them. They are sweet and hilarious, and their laughs are contagious! 

The second organization that I work with here in Dominica is CALLS.  CALLS is an alternative high school in Dominica that gives students a second chance to finishing school and learn vocational skills.  I have volunteered my time at CALLS as a tutor and art teacher since I arrived on the island in December 2010 and love going to the school on Wednesdays afternoons.  

I usually work with the boys and have a soft spot for all of them. I love that they call me Miss Clare {said in an awesome Caribbean accent, of course!}.

A huge thank you to Emily and Lindsay for organizing this wonderful event.  I loved having the chance to flaunt my causes! 

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