Apr 2, 2012

My Favorite Meals

Basically every day I wake up and immediately start thinking about what to make for dinner that day and throughout the week.  I check the fridge and pantry to see what ingredients are available since the grocery store situation can be tricky around here.  {You can read more about that here and here.}

Then, without fail, I head over to my Pinterest boards where I spend the next hour drooling over everything I've pinned.  Then, I narrow down the dinner options to a handful of recipes, based on what  I can scavenge  track down or substitute to make the magic happen.  

Here are some current favorite meals:

Chicken and Avocado Soup {Skinny Taste}
Really, the best soup I have ever had.  Avocado in soup is genius!

Mexican Lasagna {Mel's Kitchen Cafe}
I love this! I usually make 1 and make an extra to freeze. Yes!

Chicken and Dumplings {Bon Appetit}
*I couldn't find ricotta to make my own gnocchi, so I just used a package of regular potato gnocchi... it was so good!

Easy White Bean Stew {C Squared W}
My go-to.  In the summer, I make it with fresh greens like swiss chard, and in the winter (and in Dominica) I used frozen spinach.  Healthy and tasty!

Lemon Chicken {Annie's Eats}
I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts and this turned out great!  The chicken was zesty and tender.

Orzo with Roasted Vegetables {Food Network / Barefoot Contessa}
I served this with the lemon chicken, it was awesome, I will be making this often!

Something different and delicious! The crispy gnocchi was really good.  Don't make this without goat cheese, it made the dish!

Baked Dijon Chicken {Just Cook Already}
Loved it! Charlie's new fave.  Easy and perfectly tender/seasoned chicken.  I don't even like honey mustard and I loved this {I think it's the curry powder and red pepper flakes that make it so good!}

I could eat these every day!

*Also added 1 cup of chicken broth and a can of black beans.  We loved these!

Sort of like a brownie, but in cookie form.  I used regular chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate.  Awesome! {I had to include one dessert!}

I'd love to hear what you think if you decide to try any of these!  What's your favorite go-to dinner dish?

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