Mar 23, 2012

Week in Photos

After living in Dominica for 15 months, there are so many things that initially shocked me, made laugh, or kept me in constant awe... things that I am now so accustomed to that I don't even think twice about anymore.  Lately, I've been making an extra effort to document these things, to share with others and to just have to remember once our time here is up.  

Here are some bits of the week, in photo form:

Our street, a portion of a long, winding road called Banana Trail.  
{We live in the peachy buildings up the hill.}

Me with insane hair {post workout}, tackling some dishes.  I'm pretty sure that this isn't what people mean when they say "embrace messy hair."  {In addition to insanely messy hair I also embrace a messy kitchen!}

A small pineapple field.  I love these, I think they are so cool!

Berry green tea with honey.  Lately, I haven't been able to get enough of this!

Island eggs.  We buy them from a shack and they come in a plastic bag.

Hot springs!  You can take a mudbath in this one...

Or walk down the hill and take a bath here in the warm water that flows out of the bamboo pipes.  How cool is this?!?

Snail mail!  There really isn't anything quite as exciting as receiving mail.  Yesterday, we received two awesome save the dates from dear friends and family, and a letter and collaborative art project from one of my besties from college.  Made. Our. Day! 

Papaya trees across the street.  Lesley, this is for you... come visit and I'll feed you all the papaya you can eat! 

How was your week?

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