Mar 26, 2012

Third World Problems

Have you heard of first world problems?  First world problems are ridiculous things like,
I wanted to use my laptop in the kitchen, but my house is too big and the router doesn't reach far enough.
Katie came up with the clever idea of doing a play on first world problems and coming up with some of our own third world problems using our photos and experiences from life in Dominica...

So, we teamed up and came up with a bunch of funny third world problems that we are sharing today in a guest post on Emily's blog, Hope Squared.  Emily is so much fun!  She loves to travel, and is currently traveling around Thailand on her honeymoon.... yeah, I'm jealous!  I'm pretty sure we're also long, lost Squared blog cousins {Hope Squared, C Squared}...

Head over to Hope Squared to read our guest post and check out the rest of our #thirdworldproblems! Thanks again, Emily!

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