Mar 20, 2012

Tuesday Adventures

Hello, Tuesday!

I'm off in a few for a trip to town to relax in a mud bath at a hot spring and to hit up the grocery store.  Yep, because getting all the groceries you need requires a two hour drive, round trip, to the capital to go to the best grocery store.  Clearly it's an exciting day!

A few things before I'm off...

This makes me laugh:

Charlie and I saw this sign one day while we were walking around town.  It made us laugh.  Grouch, much?!?

And this makes me happy:

Grapefruit margaritas at the beach with a few of my favorite gals!
{kristen | mary | katie | me}
These are fun:

My bestie, Katie, from Priceless Design Studio and Priceless Adventure is teaming up with Jillian from Geek Chic Social Media and hosting a giveaway for a free Facebook timeline cover.  How fun is that?!? The winner will be announced on Friday so enter before then!

I also want to win a turquoise Clarisonic Mia, from Faison at About Fais.  I've heard those things beautify your skin like magic.  Maybe I'll get lucky?

Have you ever seen one of these?

It's a Hercules Beetle.  They're crazy and huge - especially when they are flying!
Alright, now I'm off to enjoy this:

Have a great day!

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