Dec 22, 2011


As you all know, we absolutely LOVE living here in Dominica.  It's paradise, especially right now, when school's not in session and I have Charlie to myself!  One thing that is hard about being here, though, is missing everything that is happening at home.  Life moves on without us, but luckily, we have email, Facebook, and Skype to keep us in the loop and in touch.

In the past year, we have missed so many weddings, engagements, new babies, and other big events and special days for friends and family that we are so sad we weren't able to be a part of.  We are always thrilled to hear the news, though!

Over Thanksgiving, Lesley, one of my best friends from Collegiate, was proposed to by her wonderful boyfriend (now fiance!), Brian.  They are such a cute, fun couple and Charlie and I are so excited for them.  If we were at home, we'd most certainly get together with them in Richmond or make a trip to D.C. to see them and celebrate.  But, since we're here in Dominica, a blog post and special photo will have to do.

Cheers to Brian and Lesley!  We love y'all and are thrilled for you both!

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