Dec 21, 2011

Rosalie Bay

Third semester is complete and the semester break has begun! Since Charlie and I are staying on the island for the holidays, we decided to celebrate all Charlie's hard work with a relaxing weekend get-away at Rosalie Bay. It was absolutely divine!

We checked in early on Friday morning and our weekend in heaven officially began. We were upgraded from a basic garden room to a beautiful garden-view suite, complete with a porch with lounge chairs and a gigantic, claw foot bathtub. Neither of us has been able to take a bath in a bathtub in nearly a year, so this was pretty exciting.

Our hot water heater has also been broken for a month now, so lately we have been taking arctic, icy showers. This time of year the weather is significantly cooler than the insane Dominican summer heat, so a freezing cold shower is actually really miserable. Needless to say, the bathtub was a major highlight of the weekend! Not to mention the amazing bathrobes. And slippers. And the yummy, fresh fruit. And mattress that felt like a cloud. The flat screen TV didn't hurt either.

We were each also given complimentary 15 minute massages in the spa overlooking the ocean... wow!

We also enjoyed walking on the beautiful black sand beach, which happens to be a nesting site for three different types of sea turtles. We are dying to come back when it is nesting/hatching season to see the turtles!

The beach is really rocky and the Atlantic is extremely rough, so they don't encourage swimming there, but the pool is right by the ocean and is surrounded by a tropical garden. The pool was beautiful and was made using the black sand and stones from the beach. The grounds were gorgeous with plants, flowers, trees, and lizards everywhere. The resort is also set along the side of a river which flows into the Atlantic. From the restaurant you can see the river and the ocean.

Speaking of Zamaan Restaurant... the food! It was the perfect mixture of American food and fresh, local cuisine! Focaccia parmesan pizza; tomato soup; blue cheese burgers; green salad; provision (breadfruit, plantain, dasheen) chips; red snapper with coconut curry and spinach and pumpkin; roast duck with apples and onions; sushi; Asian tuna salad; pumpkin and sweet potato gnocchi; fresh fruit; fresh juice; beet and goat cheese salad; omelettes; bacon and eggs... I am still drooling. We ate like kings and queens!

We also spent an afternoon by the poolside bar learning to make sushi. I've always wanted to do that! It was so much fun! The resort has a meditation garden, as well as benches and chairs nestled into serene spots all over the property - in the gardens, by the beach, by the river - so there are so many places to relax. What is also really cool is that there is a huge wind turbine at the resort, which is very eco friendly. The decor in the rooms is beautiful and simple, with really cool poured concrete floors in the rooms. Everything about Rosalie Bay was fantastic!

I'm pretty sure we've never been so relaxed in our entire lives!

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