Dec 22, 2011


On our way to and from Rosalie Bay last weekend, we had some wonderful adventures.  Bruno, our favorite guide/driver stopped to show us some treasures along the way.

We also stopped at Emerald Pool and walked through the rainforest to the waterfall.

The weather was cool and the water was icy, but it was so beautiful.  They say that Dominica has 365 rivers, one for every day of the year, and after living here for almost a year, I believe it!

After we left beautiful Rosalie Bay, we embarked on another adventure with Bruno.  The adventure: Aba Wavine / Wavine Cyrique.

The first part is a short hike down the mountain and through tropical flowers and trees.  Then you reach a cliff that is covered with tree roots and vines.  Using the roots, vines, and a rope, you climb down the side of the mountain until you reach... THE BEACH!  And spouting off the side of the mountain into the ocean is... A WATERFALL!
Charlie and I both agree that this was possibly the coolest thing we have ever seen and experienced!


  1. Beautiful photo layouts (and photos)!

  2. Thanks, Katie! I'm working on my photoshopping skills and slowly getting better!


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