Mar 23, 2013

And we're back.

If anyone still reads this blog, thanks for hanging in there.  I told you I'd be back, eventually!

So, this is the part where I start regularly writing on the blog again, and transitioning from documenting our Caribbean journey to chronicling and sharing inspiration now that we're back in the USA.

Before I do that, let me fill you in a little bit on what we've been up to since we left Dominica.

The last 6 months

 In August, we spent a week visiting my little sister who's currently serving in the Peace Corps in Guyana South America.

In September, we left Dominica, where Charlie was in medical school for 2 years, and moved back to Virginia to live with my Mom while Charlie studied for the first U.S. Medical Licensing Exam and awaited his placement (anywhere in the U.S.) for his rotations for year three and four of med school.

On our way home from Dominica, we spent a few days in Puerto Rico and had an amazing time.  I'm planning on sharing some long-overdue pics and info about the great place we stayed soon!

We were lucky enough to see lots of friends and family this fall.  This included a family beach weekend in the Outer Banks, a family wedding in Hilton Head, a week in the mountains of Tennessee, and a Richmond wedding.  It was amazing being able to do all of this after being far away for the past two years. 

While Charlie studied non-stop, I spent my time working (retail, nannying, driving carpools, substitute teaching), painting, and designing.  

In December, we found out that Charlie was placed at a hospital in Chicago for his core rotations, beginning in March.  He is scheduled at the hospital for rotations for the next year.  This time next year, he will begin elective rotations which we are hoping he will be able to set up at another hospital in the Chicago area.

After spending the fall studying hard, Charlie took his test (and passed!!!) in January.

A few weeks later, we visited Chicago and apartment hunted.  We ended up finding a wonderful apartment to the west of the city.  

The last few days of February, we rented a Penske truck, packed it up, and drove our car and the truck from Richmond to Chicago, with a stop to visit family in Kentucky along the way.

March 1st, we moved to the Chicago area!!! 

We've spent the past few weeks moving in, unpacking, and making our new place feel like home.  We've also done a little bit of exploring and experienced our first Chicago St. Patrick's Day (they dye the river green!).  We've even experienced our first Chicago snow already! 

Charlie begins his rotation on Monday, so we are enjoying his last weekend of freedom before he gets back into school mode! 

So there you go, we're all caught up.

Noteworthy this week:

Thanks for reading!  I'll be back later this week with some colorful inspiration and a peek at our new place! 

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