Aug 3, 2012

Only in Dominica...

...will you find this sign beside the airport. 

...does the water turn brown when it rains. 

...can you choose from 3 types of snake infused rum. 

...can you live in the fanciful London House apartments. 

...are the sayings on the backs of trucks this awesome. plastic drawers serve this purpose. 

...will you see a political slogan like this. this sign on display at the local credit union. 

...can you shop from a junk shop on wheels. 

...does your hairbrush grow mold. this sign displayed in your kitchen. this sign is displayed in your classroom. your friend's neighbor's house this scary. this sign on your college campus. this my favorite car.  Don't hate. 

Anyone foreigner who has spent time living in Dominica has probably come to know and love the "only in Dominica" moments. Katie put together a great post today sharing some of her favorites only in Dominica moments, so I thought I'd join her. Be sure to check out Katie's awesome post as well!

Images by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W

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