Jul 20, 2012

Adventures: Canyoning

Another amazing adventure that Charlie and I were fortunate enough to experience recently was a trip canyoning down waterfalls in the rainforest here in Dominica.  We suited up in wetsuits, helmets, and lifejackets (we felt like ninja turtles), took a short training session to master our rappelling skills, and then headed off into the jungle.  After a short hike, our descent began...

It was one of the coolest things we've ever done!  So cool, in fact, that canyoning in Dominica was featured in National Geographic's 20 best trips of 2011.  How neat is that? 
Venture into the rugged landscape Spiderman-style on an Extreme Dominica canyoneering tour, which takes visitors rappelling down pristine waterfalls, deep gorges, and volcanic bedrock canyons.          -National Geographic
Canyoning was every bit as incredible as it looks and sounds!  Thanks, Extreme Dominica, for a fantastic adventure! 

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Photos by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W

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