Jun 13, 2012

I did it.

I vlogged!  I'm excited to be linking up with these lovelies today for...

My closet here in Dominica is not that exciting, so instead I wore my favorite dress and earrings, and shared some favorite islandy products from my kitchen instead.  Please excuse my extreme awkwardness, like how I keep glancing awkwardly towards the upper left corner of the screen like I have an imaginary friend I'm checking in with.  I should also smile more, but I was nervous and trying not to babble and say umm every 3 seconds (we, meaning my imaginary friend and I, went with every 15 instead).

I was so nervous, so thanks for watching that awkwardness! I tried to make it up to you by showing you my porch view at the end - hopefully that makes up for my, ummm, imaginary, umm friend! 

In the event that you can stand watching another minute of me, here's a quick, one minute Part II video where I smile a little more, laugh, and show you my dress (twice, because I'm awkward like that) so that you can actually see it this time. Thanks, Lindsay, for letting me know that you wish you'd actually gotten to see my favorite dress. Sorry for being such a tease. But all is right in the world since I show it you, twice, below...

Now I'm like the real deal, with two vlogs in one day. Time for a nap.  {Just kidding. It's actually time to go teach art to unruly high school boys.  And I can't nap or I end up staying up all night.} Enjoy your day!

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