Apr 13, 2012

Beach Games

As a med school student's wife, I don't get to spend a ton of time with my husband.  He studies non-stop all day long, with short breaks for lunch and dinner.  Honestly, before he started medical school, I didn't even know it was humanly possible for someone to study as much as Charlie and the other students here do!

Some of my favorite times in Dominica are when Charlie and I are able to spend time together after big tests, when we have the remainder of the day to spend together, stress and study free.  Usually, we visit the beach or the river, or go for a hike.  This week, we chose the beach and spent the afternoon sunning, swimming, reading, and napping, all while enjoying a cold beverage or two.  We even played a little Hunger Games...

The bow and arrow were obviously Charlie's handiwork.  Boys will always be boys, and it's amazing what they can throw together with some sticks, vines, and the help of a pocket knife!  Really, I was impressed.  The bow stretched back and shot arrows into the ocean and everything.  Well done, C Dubz!

In case you couldn't tell... we both love The Hunger Games!  I read all three books this time last year, and Charlie has finished books one and two. (He's saving book three to read in the airport and on the plane when he travels back to the states next week.)  Needless to say, we're dying to see the movie and can't wait to see it at some point!

Are you hooked on the Hunger Games yet?

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