Mar 29, 2012

3 weeks from today I'm...

{Margaret & I in Venice in back in 2005.}
My mom and I are heading to Italy to spend 10 days with my sister, Margaret, who's currently studying abroad in Rome.  We'll spend a week in Rome and then a few days in Sorrento with a day trip to Pompeii. Then we'll head back to Rome for one more night, and then it's back to Dominica for me.

Dominica is basically the polar opposite of Rome, so I can't wait to get my fix of beautiful architecture, awesome food, and city life! I cannot wait! 

Do you have any must-sees or must-dos for Rome, Sorrento, or Pompeii?

P.S. - Charlie & Frannie, we're going to miss y'all!!! I'll drink an amazing glass of wine for you both, I promise!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhhhh I love Italy. I'm a little jealous you're going but happy you get to spend time with your mom and sister. Have so much fun!


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