Oct 2, 2011

10 Days In Dominica: Day 3

How does the weather affect you?

For this one, it really depends on the day.

There are those perfect Dominica days, made for a day at the pool or beach, hot but with the perfect breeze.

Then there are those days where it is so humid and the air is so thick you can hardly breathe {like the day I was so deliriously hot I swallowed wrong and started choking on my own spit} ... but these days are perfect for swimming in icy rivers and waterfalls... or for having a Real Housewives of New York City marathon in the CAC {student activities center} on campus in the free and also icy AC... or catching up with friends at Rituals, the American-ish coffee shop which also makes good use of their air conditioner.

There are the "rainy season" rainy days where the clouds pour buckets and buckets, then pause briefly before continuing to pour and pour and pour (this goes on for several days at a time). These are the days that are perfect for hibernating, napping, Pinterest-ing, and discovering a favorite new TV show (and then watching an entire season of that show in less than week).

And lastly, there are the days like today that are hot and typically Caribbean with brief and magical sprinkles of rain coming from invisible rain clouds... {Seriously, the sun is out and there are no clouds, where do those rain drops come from?} These days? These are the days made for anything and everything. Just ordinary days... unless you choose to make them otherwise by having an adventure or two! It's up to you!

Just another rainy day at the beach! Luckily, island veterans don't leave home without an umbrella!

Although I may complain about the weather sometimes {the super hot days are good for that, too!}, I like that it builds character, keeps me on my toes, and makes me appreciate things more: if it was never so hot, then I probably wouldn't appreciate how freezing cold refreshingly cool the rivers were, and I probably wouldn't enjoy swimming in a waterfall near as much!

When you live on an island where 6 months of the year make up the "rainy season," you certainly learn to "dance in the rain," or at least go to the beach in the rain!


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