Oct 10, 2011

What we will miss most

Day 10: What will you miss when you leave Dominica?

Although it will be very exciting to move back to the States, there are so many things that we will miss...
{ the laid back lifestyle }
{ the beautiful landscape }
{ the friendly people }
 { having everything we need within a 5 minute radius from our apartment }
{ having the ocean and river just five minutes away }
{ the wonderful kids I've gotten to know through InLightIn, CALLS, and the Women's Center }
{ being a quick plane ride away from so many other island paradises }
{ fabulous friends and getting to see them almost daily }
{ not rushing around everywhere and having time to relax }
{ free gym membership and free, amazing yoga classes with the best view ever }
{all the delicious, fresh, local food and produce }
{ going all out for island birthdays }
{ beautiful island sunsets viewed from our porch }
{ feasting on freshly picked pineapples as big as our heads }
{the million dollar view from our apartment }
{ all the adventures waiting for us just steps away from our apartment }
{ In case you couldn't tell, we love this crazy place! }


  1. Incredible island beauty, very likeable Dominikan characters. most impressive yoga
    pose, Clare!!

  2. I know I am a baby, but I am totally bawling right now. I am going to miss this place so much, I really dont know if I can get on the plane for the last time!

  3. Kayleen!!!! I am going to miss you so much, as is everyone else who has been lucky enough to meet you! We are going to have a fun girls' night and goodbye party on Tuesday! It will not be the same without you here!

  4. Aww, Kayleen! You will always be a part of the group of people who made this island great for me. See you Tuesday night!

  5. Love the post and the pictures! Looks amazing :) miss you all!


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