Feb 27, 2016

Raffle: Soul Cycle & Paintings

My sister, Frannie and her friend, Sloane, are holding a raffle with some awesome prizes to raise money to support rare cancer research. No pressure to enter or donate, but the prizes are great, so if you're into them, they'd love your support and you just might win something!

From Frannie:
As some of you might know I am fundraising for my  Cycle for Survival team in honor of my friend Meredith Ascari this year. Meredith was diagnosed with a rare cancer several years ago and was treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Today she is healthy and recovering!

To raise money for this event, Sloane Beaver and I are holding a raffle! We have been really lucky and gotten some great donations! All proceeds will go directly towards rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

There are three things you can win:
* 5-series SoulCycle Pass (good at any location except for the Hamptons)
pet portrait by Margaret Parkinson
* A custom pet portrait by Margaret Parkinson
paintings by Clare Wilkinson

* 12" x 12" original abstract expressionist acrylic and gold leaf paintings on paper by Clare Wilkinson

* $10 for first entry, $5 for every entry after that
* Enter for each prize separately – so if you only want to enter for the paintings (for example), that's fine
* You can enter for multiple prizes. If you want 1 entry in each, for example, you would pay $20 – $10 for your first entry, $5 for each entry after that.

You may be wondering...HOW DO I ENTER?!
Donate here AND email sloane.beaver {at} gmail {dot} com what you are entering for.


If you win, we will mail you your prize, or deliver it to you in person if you're in New York!

- Frannie

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