Jul 30, 2012

Kaieteur Falls, here we come!

Yep. We're heading to South America in two weeks.  We'll spend a week there, visiting my sister, Frannie, who's serving in the Peace Corps in Guyana.  We're pretty stoked!  Plans so far include visiting Kaieteur Falls, pictured above, possibly a day trip to Suriname, and feasting on curried iguana, which Frannie's friend there wants to make for us.  Oh my.

I was thrilled to discover Casey Grenier's gorgeous photos of Guyana, like the one above.  They are amazing! 

As always, we are ready for an adventure!  We can't wait to see you, Frannie! 

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Pea Keylor from Kevin & Amanda
Boyuna from dafont.com
Photo by Casey Grenier

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