Jul 9, 2012

Adventures: Victoria Falls

Our weekends lately have been filled with adventures.  Since our time here in Dominica is coming to a close, we've been trying to squeeze in everything we've been wanting to experience before we leave in September.  Last Sunday we spent the day driving into the mountains and hiking to Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls on the island.
My favorite guide, Victor, showed us the way, and our driver was an older man named Rudy, who happened to be a famous radio announcer on the island back in the 70's (his voice was awesome).  We hiked through  the forest, waded through rivers, enjoyed fresh coconut (thanks to Victor), ate our picnic lunches, and swam.  We also jumped off of rocks into the large pool below the falls.  

Per usual, we also made a few friends along the way....

 It was a perfect Sunday afternoon adventure! 

Font used: Penn Avenue from dafont.com
Photos by Clare Wilkinson for C Squared W

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