May 8, 2012

Favorite Travel Shoes

Such a huge portion of our recent trip to Italy was spent walking around and exploring, so wearing comfortable shoes was crucial.  Check out the shoes that we walked miles and miles in...

Our Travel Shoe Picks:

1. Canvas Classic TOMS.  A pair of classics in black {perfect for Europe} or something a little more fun like a red pair {if you're feeling bold}, are perfect for walking around the city.

2. Converse One Star Slip-ons.  I'm a huge fan of Converse's line for Target.  A pair of laceless slip-ons is perfect with jeans or a skirt and tights. Margaret and I shared my navy pair all week. Bonus: Converse are really popular in Europe, so you won't look like a tourist!

3. Coach Isabelle Signature Drivers.  My mom wore these daily, they are so stylish and comfortable!  After breaking them in, they were the perfect shoes for an Italian adventure! 

What are your favorite shoes for lots of walking + travel?

***Thank you, Smita, for the great post idea!

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