Dec 24, 2011

Christmas Tradition

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a recent one.  And it's weird.  But it's so much fun!

Each year, my mom has family over after church on Christmas Eve.  In the past five years or so, we've started a new tradition of raiding my mom's hall closet and dressing up in whatever "goodies" we can find as the end of the evening draws near.  We dress up, sing carols, parade around the house and street, laugh hysterically, and take some good photos, of course.  One of the best parts about all of this is that each year, my mom claims that she has "just cleaned out the closet" and tells us that we won't be able to find anything good in there... and each year, it just seems to get better and better!

This year, knowing that this tradition would continue without us, Charlie and I made sure to raid our own dresser and apartment for some special Christmas Eve couture.  Cousins, this is for you!!!

Merry, Merry!
This just in!

A little treasure from Christmas Eve in Richmond last night, just emailed to me by my little sister, Margaret, with this amazing commentary:

"Notice the Christmas grillz... Who knew we had aluminum foil balled up in the closet?!?"

What's your favorite holiday tradition???

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  1. Amazing- I love this tradition! And I was immediately jealous of how fun your Christmas is! Then again, give a couple of Southern Hemispherians a glass of wine, and well....there is no tradition- just chaos! My favorite "tradition": exchanging "gag" gifts that often involve oversized underwear. Miss you!!


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