Oct 24, 2011

Mustache Monday

So, I was just looking through some photos, and I realized that I am weird.  Like, really weird.  Case in point: I have a strange habit of taking unflattering photos of myself yelling at exceptionally large fruits...

{For the record, I think my intention is to look shocked at how large the fruits are, but the photos never turn out that way.  And that, friends, is how you end up with way too many photos of yourself verbally abusing large fruits.}

Being the genius that he is, Charlie suggesting adding speech bubbles to these gems.  AMAZING.  And being the nut that I am, I decided to bless these honkin' fruits with some mustaches.  Also AMAZING.



  1. you are not weird, you are fantastic!!! these pics to me always seem to say "whoa fruit, you are so big, i am holding you back, don't punch me!" i vote for a group verbal-abuse session of tropical fruit the next time we are together (and we will document it, naturally)

  2. Hahaha, thanks, Dash!!! YES... a group fruit attack photo session is in order soon!!!! Love ya, Do!

  3. Blair just sent this to me. It makes total sense that you are a McGurn now. Love and hugs from good ole Virginia.

  4. I love you and this post... this is why we are friends! Keep being weird it suites you!


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