Aug 31, 2011

Island Adventures

A school break means not only exploring other islands like we did last week, but also exploring our own beautiful island of Dominica.  Yesterday, Charlie and I were lucky enough to spend a gorgeous day snorkeling with friends at Scott's Head and Champagne Bay.

The views were breathtaking, the weather was perfect, and the ocean life was abundant.  Somehow we managed to forget our camera, so check out Katie's blog post about our trip to see the beauty we experienced yesterday.

And while you're at it, check out Katie's "guest post" on my good friend Nikki's blog for a quick taste of life as a med student's wife here in Dominica.

Charlie and I are so lucky to have each other, this beautiful island, such great friends, and really this whole island experience!  Neither of us are ready for him to start school again on Monday.  Until then, let the adventures continue!

1 comment:

  1. Aww, Claire! You're too sweet!!! Love that pic of you and Charlie. It's been amazing getting to know you two better this vacation. <3


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