Jul 14, 2011


The past few weeks here in Dominica have been filled with graduations, and I've been lucky enough to attend 2 of these.  The first was at CALLS, where 12 hard-working high schoolers beat the odds and graduated, despite having to drop out of secondary school earlier in life.  CALLS gave them a second chance, and they completed their studies and internships, which is a huge deal.  These kids are amazing, and I felt so lucky to be able to celebrate with them and wish them well.

The following week I attended the St. John's graduation with two friends.  There, we cheered on two sweet boys we know from In.Light.In as they graduated from primary school.  We felt like proud moms!  These boys are so great, and they looked especially dapper in their bright orange graduation blazers... don't you love them?!?

It was a big week!  (Did I mention that it was a long week, too?  Each graduation ceremony was over three hours long!)  I love these kids and am so glad I've been lucky enough to spend some time with them and help them celebrate their big achievements!  You go, grads!

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  1. I love these pics- the one of the little girl in the doorway with her back to the camera is precious and I LOVE the two boys standing proudly together in their orange jackets! Thanks for sharing. Clare you look great!!!!


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