Mar 21, 2011

Yoga by a Waterfall

I am really loving life here in Dominica.  I am pretty adventurous and am really trying to take advantage of all the opportunities I have to explore the island and try new things.  About a month ago, my wonderful yoga teacher, Trudy, hosted a "Yoga by a Waterfall" retreat at an eco-resort near Roseau.  We spend the morning practicing yoga, bathing in the waterfall, and swimming in the hot pools.  Then we had a delicious brunch featuring local dishes -- fruit, juice, bush tea (herbal tea), callaloo soup, coush coush (a purple potato-ish dish), fig pie (green bananas are called "figs" here, and they treat the green ones like potatoes), fish steamed in banana leaves... it was so yummy and was such a treat!  After lunch we took a tour of the resort's beautiful, tropical gardens -- they were pretty amazing.  It was a wonderful day definitely a once in a lifetime experience to do yoga by a waterfall!

[caption id="attachment_258" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Where we ate brunch!"][/caption]

Papillote Wilderness Retreat and Nature Sanctuary

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